Undercover Policing Inquiry

Pitchford LJ
Concerns about undercover policing have been rumbling on for some time - Guardian article by Helen Steel 23rd March 2016 "Under cover police spied on me.  Who else did they do it to?"

An Inquiry - being held under the Inquiries Act 2005 - is underway under the chairmanship of Lord Justice Pitchford - Inquiry website.  The Inquiry opened 28th July 2015 when the chairman made his Opening Remarks.  More details of the Inquiry are available HERE and see the Terms of Reference.

So What if I Am STILL a Server!?

I moved to Nashville to go to Belmont University in order to be in the music industry. I took a job right before enrolling at a downtown bar/restaurant/music venue to help support myself through school. Fast forward almost 9 years, and I am still working at this same place part-time on nights and weekends in order to help support my Belmont student loan pay-off. I am no longer in the music industry as I took a job in corporate America working 8-5 for a bigger salary in order to pay off the loans I accumulated while at Belmont.

Used Car Loans – Benefits of Buying an Old Car

Once the driving license is obtained, the next order of business is to decide whether to opt for a new car or a used car. Due to the fast changing consumer preferences, majority of the people sell off their old cars for newer models. This has resulted in not only boosting the emerging car market, but has also augmented the used car market. Accessibility to a used car has increased manifold as various banks and auto financing companies are approving used car loans. Moreover, there are numerous reasons associated to why many people are moving towards a used car.

Explore The Major Points Of Disability Loans Before Making The Lending Decision!

If you have any sort of disability that is preventing you from working than you are mostly likely to grab the disability allowance from the government. These financial benefits are helpful to run a smooth life but don’t allow one to save for the rainy day. This is the very reason; disable people find themselves in the financial dilemma when some unexpected financial expenses knock at their door.

Drinking From the Same Lemonade Stand

I keep my expenses low and pay off debt.

Some don’t.

Does that make me better than them? No. Lately I have been trying to not judge others too harshly on their personal decisions because they are just that, their personal decisions. I can try and explain to my friends and peers the benefits of my financial lifestyle, but at the end of the day, I need to be okay with them choosing their own way. And I also need to be okay with them judging me for my ways as well.

How to Compare Grocery Cost for Budget Shopping?

At this point of changing economy, when everything is on the price rise, your grocery bill could eat up at least 30% of your monthly income. Yes, you heard it right. People always tend to thin how they could manage to control grocery expenditures within limit along with prospect of saving some cash for the future. A high cost of living can be a factor that you are spending more on groceries with less chance of saving a little bit.

Vicarious liability in tort

The Supreme Court has given judgment in two cases concerned with Vicarious Liability in Tort.  Previous posts: Vicarious liability for intentional tort (16th January 2012) and Catholic Child Welfare case (21st November 2012).

The cases:

Cox v Ministry of Justice [2016] UKSC 10 was a case brought against the Ministry of Justice by Mrs Cox in respect of injury caused to her by the negligence of a prisoner assigned to work in the prison kitchen.  Whilst the more usual case of vicarious liability involves the responsibility of an employer for the actions of an employee, this form of liability has been applied in other situations.

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